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South-Korean Award-winning botanical artist

Michelle EunYoung Song won ArtistPapers Strathmore Bursary Award at The Society of Botanical Artists Annual Exhibition 2017. Based in South Korea, we caught up with Michelle and found out that the Han River and nature holds such an important part of her inspiration in crating her magnificently detailed botanical art. 

banksia michelle eunyoung song
cockscomb michelle eunyoung songCan you tell us a bit about yourself, where you live, what you do?

I'm the botanical artist in Seoul, South Korea. My botanical art class is running in 'L'Atelier de Michelle' in Seoul.


What got your started in art?  I began the botanical art as a hobby. 


What got you into Botanical Art in particular? Why was that?

I grow many plants. I enjoy observing the life cycle of seasonal plants and learning about the characteristics of the plant. I became interested in Botanic Art because I wanted to express my feelings from plants. 


Which media do you use? Do you prefer a certain media, why is that? 

I love to draw in a variety of materials. I use graphite, coloured pencil, watercolour, pen&ink and so on. I decide to draw some plant, and then I choose the proper material to express an inspiration from a plant. Especially, I prefer the coloured pencils. Because I think that the accurate and precise lines in Coloured pencil drawing describe more than any explanation.  



field poppies michelle eunyoung song

Can you tell us a bit about the totally gorgeous drawing you entered into the SBA exhibition? What does it depict, how did you create it?

Early in summer, I found the field poppies while taking a walk near the Han River. The red poppies were like dancing in the wind, and it was very impressive. So I wanted to draw it by coloured pencils. 

 What inspired you to draw this subject?

Wind, sunshine, and plant create beautiful scenery together. I can't help drawing pictures when I find a beautiful scenery.field poppies in progress









What are the major challenges when creating botanical art? How do you overcome them?

First of all, I want to understand the exact characteristics and patterns of plants and express the feelings I receive from plants. ​Whenever I walk along the street, I watch the plants around me and am inspired by them.

german irises michelle eunyoung song








And a fun question, if you were a Strathmore Paper, which one would you be?

Maybe I was the largest piece of paper ​in Strathmore that can express the beautiful plants in the world. 





Was lovely to also receive this note from Michelle: "Your questions made me happy. It was a precious time for me to think about why I painted Botanic Art." As artists it is special for us to reflect sometimes on what we do and why we do it, to share our love and passion for our art is indeed special. [Ed.]



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