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Cathrine Buch on dogs and music

image6Cathrine Buch is a succesful Danish artist. She uses Strathmore Fine Art Paper and resides in Germany, working on her third Master in Music. We catch a few moments of her time to discuss how an informal background in art has allowed her to be free and grow in her style of drawing. Enjoy the portraits of the animals she has shared with us, a true talent. 


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Tell us a little about yourself, Cathrine. I can't really remember when I started drawing animal portraits. I think I've done it all my childhood and I just didn't quit as I got older.


What do you love about capturing animal portraits? I've always enjoyed working with details, in art and later also in music. When I was younger, I always thought I was going to be an illustrator but I at some point I fell in love with music and I now study my third master in music in Germany.

I'm self-taught in drawing and painting. In many ways I actually believe it's an advantage not to be studying art or drawing, because I'm free to draw what I like, how I like, and make experiments and failures without worrying about semester plans, exams or professors opinion of my art.

What I love the most about capturing animal portraits is really hard to say. I love the reaction of the clients, I love the process of drawing (I find it very therapeutic) and I love catching the expressions of the faces.

Which materials do you use?

I'm still experimenting a lot with the tools and pencils I use. I like the Polychromos, the Pablo, and Luminance pencils. However, I prefer to make a "first layer" with Panpastel and then use my pencils on top of it.



What has been the most memorable portrait you have drawn?

The most memorable portrait might be of an intelligent Aussie named Zion, that I made in 2017. I hadn't made many coloured portraits at that time and it was in A2 (the paper even tipped of the top of my drawing table). It was particularly special to me, since I knew Zion. He was truly a star in many dog sports and he had this special king-like aura.


Do you have any plans for the year?

My plans for this year? Well, I don't really have any goals for the drawing except to continue to improve. I don't like to force things through and I'm m very grateful for what I've already achieved. I wouldn't believe it just a few years ago (!)


You have an affinity with dogs for sure! The way you capture their energy and personality, can tell you love them! You have dogs yourself? How do they inspire you?

If I like dogs? - I couldn't live without!

I have a 6 year old Shetland sheepdog named Jessie: she always steals the spotlight. Some of the highlights of my week is when we train obedience or tricks. She's quite clever; she got 5th placement in the danish Rally championship last year and also became danish Rally champion. She's very sensible too, and senses my mood very fast, so I had to learn alot about calming my emotions and focusing on the moment - skills that I also benefit from when I draw or play music.


And finally a fun question, if you were a Strathmore paper which one would you be?

If I was a Strathmore artist paper, then I think I would be the 500 Series Aquarius II® Watercolor - it's quite flexible and works well for both pencil media and aquarel.

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