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Jenny Ross - Best in Show SGFA Draw 19

Jenny Ross won Best in Show at the SGFA Draw 19 at the Menier Gallery in London this year. Such an interesting image we caught up with Jenny to find out more about the winning image and what inspires her.

how important the dreaming mind becomes 2018 jenny ross lores

Can you tell us about the winning image? I read on your website that you “map real and imagined spaces” which are drawn from your “own experience and dreams”. Is the winning image a representation of somewhere or a mix of the two?

The winning image is a picture of potato crates piled up on a farm near my home in Aberdeen, Scotland. I spent a day sitting drawing them. I used layers of ink and pen to create the drawing and wanted to capture the light coming from behind them. I made the surroundings unclear to sustain interest and mystery.

What media is it in? What media do you prefer and why is that in particular? Have you used any other media? How do you approach your art?

I used ink and some oil pastel for this piece. At the moment I am very interested in mixing media - both water-based and oil-based - as it is an exciting and unpredictable process. 

distant scaffold iceland drawing lores 2018 jennyross

What got you started in art? (any particular story or moment that stands out as well?)

I have always created art and made things from a very young age. My first degree was veterinary medicine but I always spent my lunchtimes drawing in my sketchbook. 

Do you create every day? 

I have worked full time as an artist for around five years and have just started my second degree studying Painting at Grays School of Art in Aberdeen. I have a studio in the garden at home where I work. I definitely focus on my art every day and work from early morning to mid-afternoon. My most creative hours are in the morning. 

What inspires you? (is there a particular artist, style, place, memories, colours, etc?)

I have a constant flow of ideas which I document for later exploration. I enjoy the wild Scottish landscape, especially in autumn and winter. When I was a child we lived in Canada and I am also drawn to my memories of that place and photographs taken there. 

winterinmysoul jenny ross 2018 loresWhat are you working on at the moment? Any particular body of work or individual piece? Or would you like to share a recently finished piece?

I have many projects that I am currently working on - both painting and drawing and for my online shop, PaperPineTree. As I recently started my painting degree I have been extremely busy making work. I also write which can inform my work. 

 And finally, a fun question, if you were a Strathmore paper, which one would you be? 

Printmaking paper as I love the soft texture  

dsc01514 copy

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