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Rebecca Louise Saunders

Art is one of the most accessible, open and creative pursuits for anyone to engage in, and we were delighted to be contacted by Rebecca Louise Saunders a disabled artist who lives and works in France. Her energy and output is incredible as it is remarkable.

We took some time and interviewed her, we hope you find inspiration from her creativity and story.

 Rebecca Louise SaundersHow long have you been an artist?

On and off since being roughly 14-15 years old. I am self taught, and did not like art at school, but I used a lot of copy paper with doodling and got asked to stop wasting paper! Then I guess once my family and I moved to France end of 2003, my art slowly developed until I would say roughly, 2 years ago I started painting and creating solidly everyday.

What inspires you?

art materials inspire me; I love using them, and there are so many out there I can't decide on using just one brand as they are all so exciting in their own right.

You told us that you are disabled prolific craft / artist when we first spoke. We've been impressed at your work and output! If you can tell us a little about the physical challenges you find as an artist and how you overcome them? Your story would inspire many other artists I'm sure.

I have had a disability since being three and a half years old when i developed the illness i still have, and will always have. It is a severe form of arthritis which means all my joints are locked,including my back and neck. My head cannot move. My joints (they do not bend or move easily) so holding paint brushes can be difficult (but that does not stop me) everyday I paint and use the internet to see if art galleries are interested in my artwork, as my goal is one day (I hope) be represented by an art gallery in London or Paris.

What medium do you like working with the most? and why?

EVERYTHING!!!! gosh, I just can't choose one, perhaps watercolours, acrylics, pastels, and charcoal, plus inks........

If you were going to give artists one bit of advice, what would it be?

Keep everything you doodle, sketch, and even scribble on, even if you don't like it, because every mark is artistic and valuable, they can help you in the future.

More of Rebecca's work can be found in our gallery

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