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The Artist Papers "Work in Colour" award winner Sue Andrew

Artist Papers sponsored an award at the SGFA annual, the "Artist Papers award for a Work in Colour". The winner was Sue Andrew, an artist whose entry was vibrant and an exuberance of colour.

We asked Sue, what inspired her.

Paraguayan Dream No 1

"Firstly, may I say how absolutely delighted I was to win the Artist Papers Award for a Work in Colour. It is generous of your company to offer such support to artists, and the prize is very welcome to me.

The subject of my painting, Paraguayan Dream No. 1, was inspired by a visit to Paraguay. I have for a long time been particularly interested in tropical flora and fauna, but I don't often have the chance to visit exotic locations. I found Paraguay inspiring: the vibrancy of colour and the extraordinary shapes struck me in particular. The painting is one of a series. They are not literal representations of Paraguayan scenes but rather seek to capture what the place feels like, or felt like to me. Most of the series is painted in gouache, because I find the vibrant ink-like colours suit my theme well."


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