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Artist Papers sponsor Award at the 79th Annual Exhibition of the Armed Forces Art Society

Katie Macdowell winner of the Artist Papers prize of Strathmore Fine Art Paper

Artist Papers were delighted to be able to sponsor this Award at the 79th Annual Exhibition of the Armed Forces Art Society. The winning image by Katie McDowell  is a joyous study of Devon cottages, she told me she had recently bought some lime green and it was a perfect opportunity to experiment and play with the colour. Using the edges of credit cards, she creates energetic lines across the paper. I felt echoes of the Impressionists but the vibrancy of the palette she uses is very contemporary and fresh. Katie wins £200 worth of Strathmore Fine Art Papers, sponsored by Artist Papers.

Katie Macdowell winner of the Artist Papers prize of Strathmore Fine Art Paper


AFAS at the Mall Galleries, London

Painterly photographic echoes of Gerhard Richter and the gilt of Klimt vie with soaring snow white tips of Ben Nevis and rainbows of landscape abstraction at this 79th Annual Exhibition of the Armed Forces Art Society and I can honestly say it was not what I expected. It was infinitely better. There was such a plethora of creative expression from realism to fantasy, portraiture to illustrative pastorals, bronze sculpture and painting on leather. If you think you have a perception of armed forces artists, think again. Go see the exhibition and see for yourself.


Witch of the Wild Wood” one of the fabulous etchings in the exhibition by Jennifer Kirby

I chatted to quite a few of the artists, including etching artist Jennifer Kirby [pictured here] whose inspirational starting point was nature but which morphed as she created the work into gothic illustration resonant of what one might find leafing through a Brothers’ Grimm fantasy novel.

Close by her work is a massive “Preening Hare” which seems to float surreally on a big red cushion in a loose pastel wash of the palest crisp blues. A great work by Theresa Boast.

Tim King's gold leaf works inspired by Pauline Steiner's poetry

Tim King’s gold leaf works inspired by Pauline Steiner’s poetry

Gold leaf is used by Tim King in his visual representation of poems by Pauline Steiner. Eve Montgomery’s work follows you around the rooms of the gallery, the one which aroused the most emotion in me was her dark sepia painting of her grandfather, which she said herself was influenced by Richter. If you saw the retrospective at the Tate Modern in 2011 you’ll see the successful consideration immediately in terms of tone, scale and execution.

For me Ed Slater’s works stood out above all as touching and exceptional expressions of sincere emotion. He spent 22 years as a rifleman; the act of painting and incorporation of various natural elements into his work is all part of his “healing” he says. Boards shaped like wings of planes, polished brass spent cartridges, glazed drips and smeared red paint slip and slide, grey figures walk ghostlike with kit bags and rifles across his constructed canvases, staples harshly hold the pieces together. They are truly exceptional pieces of work.


Ken Howard opened the event with his characteristic off-the-wall humour: for him painting was three things “Revelation of the world, Celebration of the world and Communication”, he did go on to say something which another artist had once retorted, but it’s not publishable here!

The winners of the various sponsored awards each came up to collect their prizes, looking at the work that won, it is a further demonstration of the broad range and mix of talent and work that make up the AFAS.

The AFAS 79th Annual exhibition runs at the Mall galleries, the Mall, London SW1 until Saturday 20th

Mike Murtagh beside his Pastel “Silverback”Mike Murtagh beside his Pastel “Silverback” Karl Hamilton-Cox, who is the only artist painting 2D on leather currently.Karl Hamilton-Cox, who is the only artist painting 2D on leather currently. The beautiful Brenda Naylor with her bronze study of NureyevThe beautiful Brenda Naylor with her bronze study of Nureyev


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