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SGFA Awards Night

Strathmore Artist Papers Award for the Best Work on show - SGFA Awards Night.

Dusk falls near Borough Market; footsteps trudge wearily to the tube and home. It was through this bustle of legs and briefcases that I met up with my colleague and we walked into the Menier Gallery to be greeted by a hubbub of energy, lively conversation and some fabulous fabulous art.

Susan Poole_winning_image_Prawn_sugar_lift_etching

For the past three years, Strathmore Artist Papers have been proud to support the Society of Graphic Fine Arts with prizes at their annual awards, and this year, we were honoured to be asked to sponsor the main prize, Best Work in Show. Each year, I'm sure the work exhibited gets better. They also sell the work and prints, cards, books of the artists and run workshops as well during the two week run of the exhibition (6-18 Oct 2014).

So what of the event itself? DRAW 14, the 93rd Annual open Exhibition of original drawings, prints and paintings. A great evening of art, conversation and a celebration of some brilliant contemporary artists.

We are proud to sponsor the main award, Strathmore Artist Papers Best Work in Show this year, which was won by Dr Susan Poole for her print “Prawn” a beautiful piece, it floats like a fantasy island on the paper and quietly seems to transform into a delicate marionette. Susan wins £400 worth of Strathmore Artist Papers. Look out for the interview with her coming soon. 

Strathmore Artist_Papers_SGFA_awards_Andrew_Marr_presentationTV presenter and broadcaster, Andrew Marr gave the awards. He is also an artist, using art to help him rehabilitate after his stroke, it’s amazing the power of drawing. In fact, his speech was really inspiring, he spoke about the “magic of drawing”, quoting David Hockney by saying that for great art it’s about having mastery of “hand, eye and heart, you need all three” Andrew summed up the quality of creativity at the show, by saying that the artists on show “have proved that”.

Andrew Marr_presenting_to_Susan_Poole_the_Strathmore_Artist_Papers_award_SGFA_DRAW_14_prize_giving_Menier_GalleryHe waxed lyrical about the monochrome work, celebrating the skilled colour work. “Drawing is so important”.

Susan said: "the prize was won by a sugar lift etching of mine I do in fact do a great deal of watercolours and graphite or coloured pencil drawings so am extremely pleased to be able to try some of the Strathmore drawing and watercolour papers, as well as the very tempting Journals you produce which will be useful to make preparatory studies for both drawings/, paintings and prints"

Go and visit : DRAW 14, 93rd Annual Open Exhibition of original drawings, prints and paintings. Menier Gallery, 51 Southwark Street, London SE1 1RU



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