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Strathmore Newsletter - Summer 2019

strathmore artist newsletter summer 20191


Drawing the Full Body Portrait

By Justin MaasThe Summer Edition of our Artist Newsletter is here! Our featured artist Justin Maas is known for his stunning portraits. Justin uses grayscale on Toned paper to employ value, show form and make drawings with incredible depth.

In this issue of the Artist Newsletter, Justin reveals his methods for creating full-body portraits. Using the power of body language, a full body portrait can infer more than just the face. Follow along as he demonstrates his step-by-step process.

Download the Artist Newsletter HERE!

NEW! Strathmore 400 Series Black Mixed Media Paper 
You already know our white Mixed Media paper. Now we're excited to introduce a new Black Mixed Media paper that is perfectly suited for opaque media. Learn more in the Artist Newsletter.

strathmore artist newsletter summer 20192Free Online Workshop: Urban Sketching Essentials 
Artist Alphonso Dunn has over 530,000 subscribers on his YouTube art channel. Now Alphonso has created a series of 4 video lessons just for us on Urban Sketching. Follow along for free today. Learn more in the Artist Newsletter. 

Questions from our Website:
What is the difference between feather and bleed?
Feather and bleed are two different things. Feather refers to ink spreading from where it was laid down. Bleed refers to marker or ink seeping through paper. Read the Artist Newsletter to learn more and understand preventative measures you can take to keep either from ruining your art. 



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