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Strathmore Spring Newsletter 2016

Spring: Tulips, Daffodils, and the Artist Newsletter The Spring Edition of our Artist Newsletter is here and features the accounts of a color addict who followed her heart three years ago and decided to pick up her colored pencils again. Artist Carrie Alderfer reflects on the complicated yet captivating aspects of color and how she likes to use it in pieces to bring you into her world. Also in this issue: learn about our new 400 Series Marker paper, celebrate 1 year of "Pass the Journal" with us, get information on our free upcoming watercolor workshop, and see our methods for flattening a buckled painting.  

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Strathmore Artist Newsletter Spring 2016

Confessions of a Color Addict - By Carrie Alderfer 
Artist Carrie Alderfer is a graphic and web designer who decided to get back into fine art about 10 years ago. First she started painting again with acrylics, but couldn't get colored pencils out of her mind. She picked them up again for the first time since high school with the goal of loosening up her style to create colored pencil drawings that are more expressive, like her paintings. Read more about Carrie's story in the Artist Newsletter and also hear about her drawing setup and execution process. 

Introducing 400 Series Marker Paper
We are proud to introduce our new 400 Series Marker paper for fine artists who create finished art using a variety of marker types. Markers glide easily over the silky smooth surface which supports vibrant colors and easy blending. The acid free, heavyweight sheet is bleed and feather resistant and takes layer upon layer of color. It is available in 4 popular pad sizes and proudly made in the USA. Learn more in the Artist Newsletter.

2016 Online Workshops - The Mind of Watercolor
Workshop 2, The Mind of Watercolor, starts on Monday, May 2! Through free video instruction, artist Steve Mitchell will guide you through painting a landscape and a botanical rose using watercolors. Get your brushes out and get more info in the Artist Newsletter. 

Questions from Our Website - How to Flatten a Buckled Painting 
If you've created a painting on a mixed media or watercolor sheet, there are two methods you can try for flattening the sheet without ruining your painting. See our methods in the Artist Newsletter.



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