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United Society of Artists 2015 Summer Exhibition

The United Society of Artists 2015 Summer Exhibition at the Bankside Gallery

Daniel Wrightson 1st prize winner United Society of ArtistsLouisa Crispin 3rd Prize winner united Society of artists


Here at Strathmore Artist Papers, we were so pleased to be sponsors of three prizes at this year's United Society of Artists Summer Exhibition held at the Bankside Gallery in London.

The UA’s remarkable and dynamic survival for the last 94 years as one of the oldest independent national fine art societies in the country owes much to two key elements. The formation of a flexible Constitution in the hands of an innovative Council and its unique ‘raison d’etre’, the UA giving its Members round the country the opportunity of exhibiting annually in Central London prestigious galleries.

Since its foundation the prominence given to women artists within the Council and as Members of the Society ensured that they were again well represented within this year’s annual exhibition at the Bankside Gallery in July this year 2015. One of the most enjoyable and encouraging exhibitions to date, a mixed show of paintings, prints, drawings, ceramics and sculpture with submissions of such high standard, full of individuality and passion, that one felt really quite hopeful for the visual arts in the future.und the country the opportunity of exhibiting annually in Central London prestigious galleries.

With nearly £1000 worth of Prizes kindly donated by sponsors, including three generous Artists Papers Strathmore Prizes, the UA also pro-actively encourages young artists by offering a platform within the Society’s exhibition schedule. This year the UA Bursary was awarded to Sarah Barker Brown of the Art Academy and her work Craistor Crabs was prominently exhibited in the gallery.

The UA believe that all visitors will have left the exhibition and view the world with more active and critical eyes.       

To view all works from the exhibition please visit 

United Society of Artists 2nd Prize winner Christine Russell


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