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Artist Papers Affiliates

Share your enthusiasm for Artist Papers and make some money at the same time!

If you are an artist, love our Strathmore Artist Papers and have an audience you could earn by helping us spread the word about artist papers. Our affiliate programme currently offers 15% commission on all sales revenue (excluding shipping) to partners sending leads to our website.

How it Works

Register with our site and go to your Account page, click on the affiliate button and you will be in your affiliate control panel. Click the button to sign up as an affilaite and you will be given a unique affiliate id.

NOTE: Signing up as an affilaite indicates your agreement to these terms and conditions.

Sharing via URL

Add your id to the end of any links you post to in your blog, website or in social media.

To make things super easy, if you are signed up as an affiliate and logged into the site the sharing buttons on each page will automatically use your affiliate id - so no need to edit fancy URL's

A typical link looks like this where XXXX is your affiliate id

Where appropriate for certain services (eg Twitter) the url will automatically be shortened, your id won't be visible as it is encoded in the short url but don't worry, it is still there.

When a visitor clicks on a link with your affiliate id (and they are a new visitor to our site) they will automatically be associated with your affiliate account, any orders they place will earn you commision ( valid once orders have been paid for in full and shipped). Once the balance of your commision reaches £50 it will be payday for you!

The system uses a cookie ( a small text file) stored by the vistors browser to identify them as having clicked on your link. Our cookies have a lifetime of twelve months but please be aware some users may delete cookies from time to time in which case the connection to you will be lost. Once a customer you have introduced to us has made a purchase they are associated with you indefinitely and you will continue to recieve commision from their sales.

Sharing via Coupon Code

You can also introduce your friends to Artist Papers by sending them a coupon code to use at checkout. This will give them a one time discount and you will earn a commision on that and subsequent purchases. To request an affiliate coupon code be setup, please register for the affiliate scheme then contact us.

Brand Values

As a member of the Artist Papers affiliate scheme you undertake to uphold the brand values of the website Artist Papers, the Strathmore range of artist papers, and Creativity International Ltd. Any affiliate links posted on sites of a nature that we consider unsuitable will result in the immediate cancellation of your affiliate account.

NOTE: Creativity International Ltd will make every effort to maintain the Artist Papers affiliate scheme but reserves the right to alter or discontinue the scheme without warning. Membership as an affiliate is entirely at the discretion of Creativity International Ltd.

So, if your happy with all that login to your account control panel to sign up and start earning!


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