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Strathmore Blank Cards

Strathmore blank cards have been a staple in the arts and crafts market for more than 60 years. Artist quality papers in card formats are a great way to share your artwork and keep the time-honored tradition of handmade and handwritten correspondence alive.

The Strathmore range of cards includes blank greeting cards and artist trading cards, inkjet cards and Artist Tiles. Cards are available in Strathmore art paper suitable for a variety of medium and application including watercolour greeting cards, pen and ink cards, mixed media, pencil, photo mount cards and photo frame cards.

Blank Greetings cards are available with envelopes.

Strathmore Artist Trading Cards makes it easy for artists to express themselves in a small format, then exchange their...
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Strahmore Inkjet Blank Cards feature special surfaces for the reproduction of art work and photographs on blank greetings...
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Strathmore Greener Options cards are environmentally-friendly blank cards made with alternative fibres and recycled materials.
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Strathmore Blank Greeting Cards in a range of artist quality papers and formats with paper types and product features...
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Strathmore Artist Tiles for pattern drawing and meditative art. Experience the emotional benefit of art through pattern...
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Strathmore card size papers with preprinted patterns to make greetings cards or for pleasure, just add colour!
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