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Strathmore 400 Series Coloured Pencil

Weight: 100 lb. (24" x 36" x 500 sheets) 163 g/m2

Surface: Medium

Media Applications: Excellent for use with colored pencil. It is also excellent for graphite, charcoal, and sketching sticks.

Strathmore 400 Series Colored Pencil paper provides a clean white, toothy surface that is ideal for a variety of colored pencil techniques. Smooth, even coverage can be achieved, and the durable surface stands up to repeated erasures and reworking. The heavy weight combined with the vellum surface allows for the application of multiple layers.

Pad Features:
Wire Bound pads are micro-perforated and are Actual Size when removed at the micro-perforation. Acid free.

Review: Alan Woollett - coloured pencil bird artist

I'm using the Strathmore coloured pencil paper at the moment, a few observations, it's nice, not too smooth not too textured, no imperfections....I like the surface quality, no flaws or rough spots which is always good and is just right for my style of drawing, not too rough and not too smooth like Bristol Board. It takes Polychromos pencil well but i have noticed after around 4-5 layers the pencil is beginning to disturb the paper fibre a little, I'm pretty sure its to do with the lightweight of the paper, this has also lead to several buckles which is not ideal,

So in summing up, very nice paper, but needs to be somewhat thicker in weight, say around 140 lb minimum, it would be an excellent paper at that weight or heavier.

7 out of 10. :)


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Strathmore 400 series Coloured Pencil paper
Image Product Code Sheets Unit Size Description Price
Strathmore-477-9 color pencil 9x12
Strathmore 400 Series Coloured Pencil S477-9 30 Pad 0x0mm (0"x0")

Medium surface, wire bound (12")

£ 13.85 each
Available 4 to 6 wks
Strathmore-477-11 color pencil 11x14 c
Strathmore 400 Series Coloured Pencil S477-11 30 Pad 279x356mm (11"x14") Medium surface, wire bound (14") £ 18.60 each
Available 4 to 6 wks
Strathmore-477-18 color pencil 18x24 c
Strathmore 400 Series Coloured Pencil S477-18 30 Pad 457x610mm (18"x24") Medium surface, wire bound (18") £ 37.70 each
Available 4 to 6 wks

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