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Strathmore Speciality Arts and Crafts

The Strathmore® assortment of specialty arts and crafts papers includes a variety of ornamental craft papers and coloured papers with authentic finishes to transform your project and give it that extra special touch.

Also in this category specialist Strathmore Calligraphy paper, Strathmore Printmaking paper and the luxury range of Strathmore Writing Paper and envelopes.

Strathmore Calligraphy is natural white paper which provides an ideal surface texture for smooth ink flow.
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Strathmore Parchment-toned paper has a smooth surface for even fluid ink flow. Ideal for scrapbooking, invitations,...
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Strathmore Decorative sheets offer a stunning assortment of ornamental craft papers exceptionally suited to today's creative...
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Strathmore sheets of textured craft paper for authentic tactile felt finishes and saturated colours, for art and craft projects.
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Strathmore Printmaking papers, a complete line of printmaking papers for printmaking techniques including relief,...
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Strathmore Writing paper is a full line of high-quality writing products featuring classic Strathmore Writing paper and...
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