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Vision Watercolour

Let the world see your vision

Tear off the top sheet and reveal your own customizable cover!

Watercolor Paper Weight: 140 lb. (24" x 36" x 500 sheets) 300 g/m2
Surface: Cold Press

Customizable Cover Weight: 184 lb. (24”x 36”x 500 sheets) 300 g/m2
Surface: Medium

An economic heavyweight watercolor paper with a cold press surface. This paper provides even washes and good lifts with wet media techniques. All sizes feature high sheet counts, sturdy chipboard backing and tear-off top sheets with customizable, steel blue mixed media covers below.

Pad Features: Tape bound pads keep sheets in pad yet tear out cleanly. Tear-off top sheet with a blank, permanent mixed media cover underneath that can be customized with your own artwork.

Artwork by: Nancy Spielman


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Image Product Code Unit Sheets Size Description Price
Vision Watercolour S640-56 Pad 30 0x0mm (0"x0")

Tape Bound (6")

£ 10.60 each
1 in stock
Vision Watercolour S640-59 Pad 30 0x0mm (0"x0")

Tape Bound (9")

£ 12.85 each
9 in stock
Vision Watercolour S640-61 Pad 30 0x0mm (0"x0")

Tape Bound (11")

£ 22.85 each
12 in stock
Vision Watercolour S640-68 Pad 30 0x0mm (0"x0")

Tape Bound (18")

£ 54.95 each
12 in stock


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