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  • Cathrine Buch on dogs and music

    image6Cathrine Buch is a succesful Danish artist. She uses Strathmore Fine Art Paper and resides in Germany, working on her third Master in Music. We catch a few moments of her time to discuss how an informal background in art has allowed her to be free and grow in her style of drawing. Enjoy the portraits of the animals she has shared with us, a true talent. 


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    Tell us a little about yourself, Cathrine. I can't really remember when I started drawing animal portraits. I think I've done it all my childhood and I just didn't quit as I got older.


    What do you love about capturing animal portraits? I've always enjoyed working with details, in art and later also in music. When I was younger, I always thought I was going to be an illustrator but I at some point I fell in love with music and I now study my third master in music in Germany.




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