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  • Interview with Louisa Crispin

    Louisa Crispin Lichen on Field Maple ii 2014

    1. First of all congratulations on winning our Strathmore Artist Papers prize we sponsored recently for the Society of United Artists exhibition at Bankside. Your work is completely stunning, the delicacy and detail of your nature works are something else. What got you into art in the first place?

    Thank you, it was a complete surprise. I was rubbish at Art at School and convinced that I couldn't draw, far more interested in maths and sport, I doubt I could have sat still long enough! But I decided it was time for a change and left my career as a computer analyst. Attending Adult Education classes in Silversmithing, I began to sell jewellery in local galleries and exhibitions alongside bringing up my sons. One thing led to another and I found I needed to be able to draw: someone suggested 30 minutes every day and after a month or so I discovered that I had a talent which I am continuing to explore through workshops, artist networks, books and the OCA. There is so much to learn.

    2. Why nature? What is it about it that calls you and why?

    I started with birds and flowers, something about the textures and patterns

  • United Society of Artists 2015 Summer Exhibition

    The United Society of Artists 2015 Summer Exhibition at the Bankside Gallery

    Daniel Wrightson 1st prize winner United Society of ArtistsLouisa Crispin 3rd Prize winner united Society of artists


    Here at Strathmore Artist Papers, we were so pleased to be sponsors of three prizes at this year's United Society of Artists Summer Exhibition held at the Bankside Gallery in London.

    The UA’s remarkable and dynamic survival for the last 94 years as one of the oldest independent national fine art societies in the country owes much to two key elements. The formation of a flexible Constitution in the hands of an innovative Council and its unique ‘raison d’etre’, the UA giving its Members round the country the opportunity of exhibiting annually in Central London prestigious galleries.

    Since its foundation the prominence given to women artists within the Council and as Members of the Society ensured that they were again

  • Mixed Media Artist wins SGFA Best in Show

    Sue Lewis-Blake won the Society of Graphic Fine Art ArtistPapers Strathmore Best in Show Bursary 2017. Her winning piece, “Before and After”, depicts a large log pile, drawn in coloured pencil, overlaid with painted and collaged tree forms. We speak to Sue to find out how she started her career as an artist and what she's working on now.


    peak torTell us something about yourself, Sue.

    Principally a landscape painter, I’m fortunate enough to live in a small Peak District Village with the most wonderful views. I moved to the area some three years ago from Warwickshire where I had taught art, product design and the history of art for many years. This “parallel” career was challenging at times – certainly in terms of time management – but I enjoyed the stimulation of being with my students and always saw the two aspects as mutually beneficial; new ideas emerged as I helped pupils to develop theirs. Teaching allowed me to engage with a vast range of materials and keep abreast of new developments -  although traditional drawing skills always underpinned every aspect of both my own and my pupils’ work.




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