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  • When "Doodling" becomes an Artform - feature on Steve Turner

    Steve Turner uses Strathmore Bristol Smooth to create the designs for his linear colouring books and T-shirts.  He has transformed the Doodle into inspirational art, giving pleasure to hundreds of artists and creatives who buy and enjoy his books. We catch up with him in-between him honing his cross-hatch method and fulfilling commissions. 

    Steve Turner tropical

    Can you give us a bit of background on yourself? How you started as an artist? 

    My background has always been in art. I studied at Art College after school, before moving on to train in animation at university. Following graduation, I became a graphic designer. After a decade in the wilderness, I picked up pens again just a couple of years ago as a form of relaxation. I started doing what I did as a kid - mindless doodles to fill a page. This became a hobby and I started researching other artists - I found out that “doodling” is a popular artform in itself. I started posting pictures of the things I had drawn online, and people started asking me for custom

  • Interview with Tracey Pinnington

    Tracey Pinnington is a very talented and well regarded artist who specialises in coloured pencil and is a big advocate of Strathmore Bristol paper. We have been monitoring her work for a while and have been blown away by the level of detail and care she puts into all of her work, so we wanted to take the opportunity to chat and find out more about her style, inspirations and goals for the future.


    Bex by Tracey Pinnington1. First of all I’ve got to say that I’m a huge fan of your work. The quality and level of detail is outstanding. How did you first get into art and drawing in particular?

    Thank you! I've always loved animals and drawing so combining the two was a natural progression.

    Growing up I was taught by my art teachers to look at form and shapes within the subject rather than looking at the subject as a whole. It's helped me a lot and was a piece of advice that really stuck with me. I



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