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  • Interview with Kim Taggart

    Kim Taggart blew us away with the work she created on our 500 Series paper depicting the beautiful and picturesque Kansas landscape. After seeing her work, we just had to take the opportunity to speak to her and gain an insight into her artistic style, inspirations and plans for the future. 


    First of all I’ve got to say that your work is incredible. How did you first get into art? Was it something you fell in love with at an early age or later on in life?

    Thank you, I appreciate it. My kindergarten teacher was the first to notice I had artistic ability. My parents just thought all kids drew like me. I skipped over the stick figure stage and dove right into flesh contours on my people. Art was always my favourite subject in school and I started private art lessons at age 9 with training in charcoal, pastel, watercolour, pen & ink and oil paint. A professor at a college in Olathe, Kansas took me in— Dr. James Dobson Sr.

    Receding Darkness by Kim Taggart


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