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  • Strathmore 200 Series Sequential Art Bristol

    Weight: 100 lb. (20" x 26" x 500 sheets) 270 g/m2

    Surface: Smooth

    Strathmore 200 Series Sequential art bristol is an economical, smooth bristol weight board printed with non-reproducible blue lines for comic and Manga applications.

    Printed surfaces for inner pages are available in sheets or pads. Printed cover surfaces available in 12 sheet packs.

  • Interview with Louisa Crispin

    Louisa Crispin Lichen on Field Maple ii 2014

    1. First of all congratulations on winning our Strathmore Artist Papers prize we sponsored recently for the Society of United Artists exhibition at Bankside. Your work is completely stunning, the delicacy and detail of your nature works are something else. What got you into art in the first place?

    Thank you, it was a complete surprise. I was rubbish at Art at School and convinced that I couldn't draw, far more interested in maths and sport, I doubt I could have sat still long enough! But I decided it was time for a change and left my career as a computer analyst. Attending Adult Education classes in Silversmithing, I began to sell jewellery in local galleries and exhibitions alongside bringing up my sons. One thing led to another and I found I needed to be able to draw: someone suggested 30 minutes every day and after a month or so I discovered that I had a talent which I am continuing to explore through workshops, artist networks, books and the OCA. There is so much to learn.

    2. Why nature? What is it about it that calls you and why?

    I started with birds and flowers, something about the textures and patterns

  • Botanical Painting with Gouache, new book by Simon Williams

    Artist, Simon Williams has been using Strathmore Illustration Board Series 500 for Wet Media in his new book Botanical Painting with Gouache available now.

    Simon Williams Ant house on Strathmore 500 series Wet Media board

    Full of practical advice on every aspect of using gouache, each exercise guides the reader through the whole botanical painting process, breaking it down into simple, easy-to-follow stages. Strathmore Illustration board has been used for the exercises on white backgrounds with gouache and Turner acryl gouache. The book can be purchased through or for international ...

  • A Bird a Day...

    Christopher Durant is a popular artist on Facebook not least for his bird journals. A quick look at his page will reveal a lively engagement and love for our feathered friends. We recently got in touch with him, and found out that he loves the Strathmore 400 and 500 series! He is now a convert to our toned tan journal! We caught up with him and asked him a little about his work and what he is inspired by.

    Inca Tern

    1.So tell us a bit about yourself. How long have you been an artist and what got you into it?

    Hello. Well I'm 27 years old, soon to be 28 and i have been drawing pretty much all my life. Ever since i was around 3 years old I was fascinated by many things and my ability to draw helped me understand things better. If I was passionate about something new or wanted to learn more, I would draw.
    I gave it up for a while after a teacher at secondary school did little to inspire me, and said I wouldn't achieve much if I ever ventured into an artistic related career. I am thankful I returned to what I love doing the most and I have been drawing for around 5 years now. I draw everyday and it's my main passion to improve my

  • Society of Botanical Artists Strathmore Bursary

    Walking into the Society of Botanical Artists Annual Exhibition which opens on Friday 15th April 2016, you are greeted by a stunning swathe of colourful and creative botanical works of art.

    You continue to walk through the exhibition and it opens out to expansive and well lit walls hung with even more wonderful botanical images. The standard and quality of the paintings, drawings and prints is incredibly high and totally inspiring to artists (and buyers!). We are proud to support the Society of Botanical Artistswith our Strathmore Artist Papers Bursary for Work of Colour, an annual support to an artist's creative career.  Focussing on composition our criteria included Form (layout and composition), Subject (studying how the subject complements the whole picture), Imparting information (does it educate in some way), Feeling (is the picture emotive in some way), Personal preference (subjective view).

    Strathmore judging society of botanical artists photo by vanessa champion 5



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