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  • Competition - Show us your Journal

    ‪Competition‬ time over on Facebook! SHOW US YOUR JOURNAL! Pencil sketches, ideas, notes, poetry, watercolours, washes, ink line drawings, stickers, tickets, what's in yours? Show us up to four spreads from your current journal... just post direct onto our Facebook page.

    Need inspiration? Have a look at our delicious range of Journals!! Ooh which one to choose?!Need inspiration? Have a look at our delicious range of Journals!! Ooh which one to choose?! Each one has it's own creative vibe! 

    Closing date midnight 30th November 2015 UK time. Tell your friends! Two prizes, one judged and one public vote as before, win a beautiful Visual Journal to start the new year with!

    Strathmore Journals

  • Simon Young - "Heres comes Faithful" on Gemini Paper

    We were delighted to hear from Simon Young, who we interviewed recently. He sent us in his feedback on our Strathmore Gemini Paper.

    "I promised to share my first Watercolour on Strathmore Gemini paper.  You’ll see there are some alterations from the sketch I sent earlier.  I wanted to make the tug (Faithful) make more of a statement; to achieve this she had to be larger, thus changing the overall treatment of the composition. 

    I much enjoyed working on this quality paper, which was stretched beforehand; it was forgiving and allowed a number of alterations that probably would have been an issue with some other papers.  The rough texture was especially exciting to paint on and dealt with copious amounts of water to create the misty scene with ease.  In particular, the river foreground accepted 4 glazes and I suspect could have received more.  
    In sum, Gemini is a very versatile and fun paper to work with and I look forward to getting to know it better."

    Simon Young 

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