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  • Award Winner Simon Young - Water Artist Extraordinaire

    Simon Young won our Strathmore Artist Papers Prize for work on paper at the Armed Forces Art Society (AFAS) annual exhibition  at the Mall Galleries this year. Stunning, energetic, dramatic and full of energy the winning image lifts the viewer and puts you directly in the spray of the yacht as it races in front of you, you can almost taste the salt.

    1. First of all congratulations on winning the AFAS prize, such a stunning piece. I heard that the decision as to which piece of yours they awarded it to was fought over! You'll be pleased to know that more than one piece was chosen! Can you tell us a bit about your background? You are former army?

    I followed a full time career for 38 years in the Army and enjoyed it immensely.  Sure there were some difficult times, but you always had your mates to rely on as you were always in it together.  Classic team work stuff.

    2. What got you into painting? 

    I started taking painting and drawing seriously when I was about 13.  My parents used to take me and my brother to Sennen in Cornwall for the summer holidays.  A friend of my mother, Betty - a lovely lady, had a fantastic house on the cliff tops overlooking the Cove.  But more importantly when she discovered I was interested in sketching she sent me up into the attic rooms where I discovered masses of paintings and sketchbooks belonging to her deceased sister.  My

  • Artist in Residence - Judith Selcuk

    We have been incredibly lucky to be working with Judith, not only is she a great artist, but she's also really fun to work with and has thousands of ideas all the time, a total joy to be with and be inspired by. We catch up with her just before the launch of a very exciting development from Strathmore Artist Papers here in the UK, we are launching a new Art magazine, "The Line", which Judith is editing. Stuffed full of interviews, tips and inspiration, we hope you'll love it. But before that is live, we want to share with you a little about our Artist in Residence Judith Selcuk. 

    Judith Selcuk artist in residence 7What got you started in art? How did you begin?

    I have always been a creative person and my favourite lesson in school was always art. I remember clearly the moment art stopped becoming a hobby to an addiction. I was writing my GCSE thesis and visited the Tate Liverpool. I was in awe of the illustrations in Alice in Wonderland which was on exhibition at the time. I later started a fine art course at my local college but decided that it wasn’t me after a failed attempt at sculpture when I glued my Grandmother’s false

  • Cheryl Wren - SBA Strathmore Artist Bursary

    Cheryl Wren won the Strathmore Artist Papers Bursary for composition and colour at the Society of Botanical Artists exhibition this year, 2016. The judging was challenging as the standard, subject and range of media was so thought-provoking. You can read about the exhibition here. The winning image has such a delicacy and interesting use of colour to accent the details of the flower studies. We caught up with Cheryl to find out more about the winning image, why she loves flowers and what media she works in. 

    cheryl wren 01 flowers of the summer moon final 5mbFirst of all, congratulations on winning the Strathmore Artist Papers Bursary at the Society of Botanical Artists exhibition this year, such a stunning and interesting piece. Can you tell us a little about it, what the composition means, where your inspiration came from, was it difficult to decide on the layout and how did you decide which flowers to include, were there any significance in

  • When "Doodling" becomes an Artform - feature on Steve Turner

    Steve Turner uses Strathmore Bristol Smooth to create the designs for his linear colouring books and T-shirts.  He has transformed the Doodle into inspirational art, giving pleasure to hundreds of artists and creatives who buy and enjoy his books. We catch up with him in-between him honing his cross-hatch method and fulfilling commissions. 

    Steve Turner tropical

    Can you give us a bit of background on yourself? How you started as an artist? 

    My background has always been in art. I studied at Art College after school, before moving on to train in animation at university. Following graduation, I became a graphic designer. After a decade in the wilderness, I picked up pens again just a couple of years ago as a form of relaxation. I started doing what I did as a kid - mindless doodles to fill a page. This became a hobby and I started researching other artists - I found out that “doodling” is a popular artform in itself. I started posting pictures of the things I had drawn online, and people started asking me for custom

  • Interview with Tracey Pinnington

    Tracey Pinnington is a very talented and well regarded artist who specialises in coloured pencil and is a big advocate of Strathmore Bristol paper. We have been monitoring her work for a while and have been blown away by the level of detail and care she puts into all of her work, so we wanted to take the opportunity to chat and find out more about her style, inspirations and goals for the future.


    Bex by Tracey Pinnington1. First of all I’ve got to say that I’m a huge fan of your work. The quality and level of detail is outstanding. How did you first get into art and drawing in particular?

    Thank you! I've always loved animals and drawing so combining the two was a natural progression.

    Growing up I was taught by my art teachers to look at form and shapes within the subject rather than looking at the subject as a whole. It's helped me a lot and was a piece of advice that really stuck with me. I

  • Interview with Kim Taggart

    Kim Taggart blew us away with the work she created on our 500 Series paper depicting the beautiful and picturesque Kansas landscape. After seeing her work, we just had to take the opportunity to speak to her and gain an insight into her artistic style, inspirations and plans for the future. 


    First of all I’ve got to say that your work is incredible. How did you first get into art? Was it something you fell in love with at an early age or later on in life?

    Thank you, I appreciate it. My kindergarten teacher was the first to notice I had artistic ability. My parents just thought all kids drew like me. I skipped over the stick figure stage and dove right into flesh contours on my people. Art was always my favourite subject in school and I started private art lessons at age 9 with training in charcoal, pastel, watercolour, pen & ink and oil paint. A professor at a college in Olathe, Kansas took me in— Dr. James Dobson Sr.

    Receding Darkness by Kim Taggart

    Interview with Phoebe Atkey

    Phoebe Atkey is a talented young artist who has amassed a very impressive following on social media and set up her own company all before the age of 20. She predominantly works with pen on Strathmore paper and we were blown away by the level of detail in every piece of her work, particularly the ones focusing on architecture and cityscapes. We took the opportunity to speak to Phoebe and find out more about her work, inspirations and goals for the future.  

    How did you first discover your passion for art?

    Like many children I always loved drawing from an early age, but it was only when I chose Art at GCSE that it became serious. I started sharing my art on Instagram at the age of 16. I received some really encouraging feedback and inspiration from other users, in particular from artists around the world. That is when I knew I wanted to pursue art as career.

    Pen and Ink Sketch by Phoebe AtkeyYou predominantly focus on sketches and drawings. Did you settle on this form of art straightaway, or did you experiment with a few different styles first?

    At school I had to experiment with different styles, tools and techniques. I really disliked paint as it is too messy and so I settled on pen and pencil

  • Interview with Jennifer Hawkyard

    Jennifer Hawkyard is a very talented artist and graphic designer. After studying both Art and Design and Graphic Design in Canada, she then started working at a local design studio and managed to work her way up to the position of Art Director. Now settled back in England, Jennifer has recently started a new long term project: The Totem Project. We took the time to speak to Jennifer to find out more about her art, the decision behind studying in Canada and her goals for the future. 


    White Horse by Jennifer HawkyardHow did you first get into art? Was it something you took to immediately as a child, or did someone introduce you to the subject?

    I can't remember a time when I wasn't drawing. I'm pretty sure I was one of those kids that scrawled all over the walls with markers at a young age. I do remember during primary school, or maybe it was secondary school, thinking that I didn't want to go to school. I just wanted to draw pictures all day and as a youngster my obsession was drawing horses -

  • Cathrine Buch on dogs and music

    image6Cathrine Buch is a succesful Danish artist. She uses Strathmore Fine Art Paper and resides in Germany, working on her third Master in Music. We catch a few moments of her time to discuss how an informal background in art has allowed her to be free and grow in her style of drawing. Enjoy the portraits of the animals she has shared with us, a true talent. 


    t image1

    Tell us a little about yourself, Cathrine. I can't really remember when I started drawing animal portraits. I think I've done it all my childhood and I just didn't quit as I got older.


    What do you love about capturing animal portraits? I've always enjoyed working with details, in art and later also in music. When I was younger, I always thought I was going to be an illustrator but I at some point I fell in love with music and I now study my third master in music in Germany.


  • Jenny Ross - Best in Show SGFA Draw 19

    Jenny Ross won Best in Show at the SGFA Draw 19 at the Menier Gallery in London this year. Such an interesting image we caught up with Jenny to find out more about the winning image and what inspires her.

    how important the dreaming mind becomes 2018 jenny ross lores

    Can you tell us about the winning image? I read on your website that you “map real and imagined spaces” which are drawn from your “own experience and dreams”. Is the winning image a representation of somewhere or a mix of the two?

    The winning image is a picture of potato crates piled up on a farm near my home in Aberdeen, Scotland. I spent a day sitting drawing them. I used layers of ink and pen to create the drawing and wanted to capture the light coming from behind them. I made the surroundings unclear to sustain interest and mystery.

    What media is it in? What media do you prefer and why is that in particular? Have you used any other media? How do you approach your art?

    I used ink and some oil



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