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  • Competition - Show us your Journal

    ‪Competition‬ time over on Facebook! SHOW US YOUR JOURNAL! Pencil sketches, ideas, notes, poetry, watercolours, washes, ink line drawings, stickers, tickets, what's in yours? Show us up to four spreads from your current journal... just post direct onto our Facebook page.

    Need inspiration? Have a look at our delicious range of Journals!! Ooh which one to choose?!Need inspiration? Have a look at our delicious range of Journals!! Ooh which one to choose?! Each one has it's own creative vibe! 

    Closing date midnight 30th November 2015 UK time. Tell your friends! Two prizes, one judged and one public vote as before, win a beautiful Visual Journal to start the new year with!

    Strathmore Journals

  • Strathmore Autumn Newsletter - Read now!

    Autumn Newsletter:  Cozy Sweaters, Hot Cider,and a Good Read

    strathmore artist newsletterThe Fall edition of the Strathmore Artist Newsletter is now online!

    Featured artist Graham Smith is a professional illustrator who teaches life drawing classes. He's put together a list of the top 10 life drawing mistakes he sees in the studio with suggestions on how to improve them and take your skills to the next level. Also in this Issue, learn about our coal black Artagain paper that we're now offering in new formats. See the winner and runner-ups for our 2016 Product Catalog Cover, and get answers to frequently asked questions from our website about the difference between smooth and vellum bristol surfaces. Plus LOADS more!

    Download the Artist

  • Strathmore Winter 2016 Newsletter

    The Winter newsletter from Strathmore is out!

    Strathmore Artists news Winter 2016In 2014 our featured artist Brent Anderson started a non-profit organisation called "In My Father's Eyes" through which he offers the families of children battling cancer a beautiful portrait free of charge. His artwork and story are featured in this edition of the Strathmore Artist Newsletter. Also in this issue: the low down on Strathmore's FREE 2016 Online Workshops, and answers to frequently asked questions about how to choose the right watercolour paper for your art.

    pdfDownload the Artist Newsletter!

  • A Bird a Day...

    Christopher Durant is a popular artist on Facebook not least for his bird journals. A quick look at his page will reveal a lively engagement and love for our feathered friends. We recently got in touch with him, and found out that he loves the Strathmore 400 and 500 series! He is now a convert to our toned tan journal! We caught up with him and asked him a little about his work and what he is inspired by.

    Inca Tern

    1.So tell us a bit about yourself. How long have you been an artist and what got you into it?

    Hello. Well I'm 27 years old, soon to be 28 and i have been drawing pretty much all my life. Ever since i was around 3 years old I was fascinated by many things and my ability to draw helped me understand things better. If I was passionate about something new or wanted to learn more, I would draw.
    I gave it up for a while after a teacher at secondary school did little to inspire me, and said I wouldn't achieve much if I ever ventured into an artistic related career. I am thankful I returned to what I love doing the most and I have been drawing for around 5 years now. I draw everyday and it's my main passion to improve my



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