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  • Strathmore 200 Series Sequential Art Bristol

    Weight: 100 lb. (20" x 26" x 500 sheets) 270 g/m2

    Surface: Smooth

    Strathmore 200 Series Sequential art bristol is an economical, smooth bristol weight board printed with non-reproducible blue lines for comic and Manga applications.

    Printed surfaces for inner pages are available in sheets or pads. Printed cover surfaces available in 12 sheet packs.

  • Simon Young - "Heres comes Faithful" on Gemini Paper

    We were delighted to hear from Simon Young, who we interviewed recently. He sent us in his feedback on our Strathmore Gemini Paper.

    "I promised to share my first Watercolour on Strathmore Gemini paper.  You’ll see there are some alterations from the sketch I sent earlier.  I wanted to make the tug (Faithful) make more of a statement; to achieve this she had to be larger, thus changing the overall treatment of the composition. 

    I much enjoyed working on this quality paper, which was stretched beforehand; it was forgiving and allowed a number of alterations that probably would have been an issue with some other papers.  The rough texture was especially exciting to paint on and dealt with copious amounts of water to create the misty scene with ease.  In particular, the river foreground accepted 4 glazes and I suspect could have received more.  
    In sum, Gemini is a very versatile and fun paper to work with and I look forward to getting to know it better."

    Simon Young 

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    Bursary Winner Reviews Strathmore Paper

    Duncan Thomas reviews the Strathmore Artist Papers he selected after winning the Artist Papers bursary at the Patchings Art Festival 2016.

    Strathmore 400 series Coloured Pencil Pad

    Black Labrador by Duncan Thomas using Strathmore 400 Series Coloured Pencil Pad

    I really like this paper. The name ‘Coloured Pencil’ is, in my view, unnecessarily prescriptive for a paper of such versatility and I nearly didn’t order it because of that. I don’t actually use coloured pencils. I use it for graphite and charcoal sketches and finished drawings (mainly portrait).

    I like it particularly because its lovely smooth surface allows the charcoal to be easily and sensitively removed with a rubber to define lighter toned areas and highlights (this is a ‘reductive’ technique that I am particularly fond of) . Despite its smoothness (there’s a complete absence of texture or tooth ) I have found that it takes the charcoal beautifully, and the very darkest values can be achieved with ease.

    This paper, almost to my surprise,

  • Interview with Cheryl Chism

    Cheryl Chism is an up and coming artist from County Tyrone in Northern Ireland who caught our attention with her beautifully detailed pen and ink drawings. We took this opportunity to chat to her to gain an insight into her inspirations and goals within the industry.

  • Cathrine Buch on dogs and music

    image6Cathrine Buch is a succesful Danish artist. She uses Strathmore Fine Art Paper and resides in Germany, working on her third Master in Music. We catch a few moments of her time to discuss how an informal background in art has allowed her to be free and grow in her style of drawing. Enjoy the portraits of the animals she has shared with us, a true talent. 


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    Tell us a little about yourself, Cathrine. I can't really remember when I started drawing animal portraits. I think I've done it all my childhood and I just didn't quit as I got older.


    What do you love about capturing animal portraits? I've always enjoyed working with details, in art and later also in music. When I was younger, I always thought I was going to be an illustrator but I at some point I fell in love with music and I now study my third master in music in Germany.




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