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  • Competition - Show us your Journal

    ‪Competition‬ time over on Facebook! SHOW US YOUR JOURNAL! Pencil sketches, ideas, notes, poetry, watercolours, washes, ink line drawings, stickers, tickets, what's in yours? Show us up to four spreads from your current journal... just post direct onto our Facebook page.

    Need inspiration? Have a look at our delicious range of Journals!! Ooh which one to choose?!Need inspiration? Have a look at our delicious range of Journals!! Ooh which one to choose?! Each one has it's own creative vibe! 

    Closing date midnight 30th November 2015 UK time. Tell your friends! Two prizes, one judged and one public vote as before, win a beautiful Visual Journal to start the new year with!

    Strathmore Journals

  • Simon Young - "Heres comes Faithful" on Gemini Paper

    We were delighted to hear from Simon Young, who we interviewed recently. He sent us in his feedback on our Strathmore Gemini Paper.

    "I promised to share my first Watercolour on Strathmore Gemini paper.  You’ll see there are some alterations from the sketch I sent earlier.  I wanted to make the tug (Faithful) make more of a statement; to achieve this she had to be larger, thus changing the overall treatment of the composition. 

    I much enjoyed working on this quality paper, which was stretched beforehand; it was forgiving and allowed a number of alterations that probably would have been an issue with some other papers.  The rough texture was especially exciting to paint on and dealt with copious amounts of water to create the misty scene with ease.  In particular, the river foreground accepted 4 glazes and I suspect could have received more.  
    In sum, Gemini is a very versatile and fun paper to work with and I look forward to getting to know it better."

    Simon Young 

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    Strathmore Autumn Newsletter - Read now!

    Autumn Newsletter:  Cozy Sweaters, Hot Cider,and a Good Read

    strathmore artist newsletterThe Fall edition of the Strathmore Artist Newsletter is now online!

    Featured artist Graham Smith is a professional illustrator who teaches life drawing classes. He's put together a list of the top 10 life drawing mistakes he sees in the studio with suggestions on how to improve them and take your skills to the next level. Also in this Issue, learn about our coal black Artagain paper that we're now offering in new formats. See the winner and runner-ups for our 2016 Product Catalog Cover, and get answers to frequently asked questions from our website about the difference between smooth and vellum bristol surfaces. Plus LOADS more!

    Download the Artist

  • Strathmore Winter 2016 Newsletter

    The Winter newsletter from Strathmore is out!

    Strathmore Artists news Winter 2016In 2014 our featured artist Brent Anderson started a non-profit organisation called "In My Father's Eyes" through which he offers the families of children battling cancer a beautiful portrait free of charge. His artwork and story are featured in this edition of the Strathmore Artist Newsletter. Also in this issue: the low down on Strathmore's FREE 2016 Online Workshops, and answers to frequently asked questions about how to choose the right watercolour paper for your art.

    pdfDownload the Artist Newsletter!

  • New Online Workshops

    Join the Strathmore Free Online Workshops

    Learn techniques from experienced artists through online videos and downloadable instructions. Get inspired from other students in our virtual classroom. Keep motivated with ideas and tips from your instructor.




  • Society of Botanical Artists Strathmore Bursary

    Walking into the Society of Botanical Artists Annual Exhibition which opens on Friday 15th April 2016, you are greeted by a stunning swathe of colourful and creative botanical works of art.

    You continue to walk through the exhibition and it opens out to expansive and well lit walls hung with even more wonderful botanical images. The standard and quality of the paintings, drawings and prints is incredibly high and totally inspiring to artists (and buyers!). We are proud to support the Society of Botanical Artistswith our Strathmore Artist Papers Bursary for Work of Colour, an annual support to an artist's creative career.  Focussing on composition our criteria included Form (layout and composition), Subject (studying how the subject complements the whole picture), Imparting information (does it educate in some way), Feeling (is the picture emotive in some way), Personal preference (subjective view).

    Strathmore judging society of botanical artists photo by vanessa champion 5


  • Patchings Art Festival - Strathmore demonstrations


    Judith Selcuk Artist demonstrating Strathmore Fine Artist Papers

    Strathmore Artist Papers are excited to be attending Patchings Art Festival with our Artist in Residence Judith Selcuk.

    Come and visit our stand and join Judith demonstrate Black paper, Sketching for Success, Coloured Pencil and Acrylic Painting on our new ...

  • Strathmore T-Shirt Design Contest is now open!


    Exciting news!! The Strathmore T-Shirt Design Contest is now open for entries! What will you submit?!

    Artists have until July 31, 2016 to submit a design for a chance to be featured on Strathmore Team T-shirts. 


    $1,000 and 12 t-shirts to the artist whose artwork is chosen for the Strathmore Team t-shirt. PLUS Three runner-ups will receive $250 retail value of Strathmore Product!!!! Open worldwide!!

    The winning shirt design will be screen printed in one color, so simple designs will reproduce better and improve chances of being selected. 

    Deadline for Entry: July 31, 2016

    For more information and how to submit visit

    Share this opportunity with your artist friends and encourage them to spread the word and enter!! 

    What will your design be?


  • Strathmore Hobbycraft Launch

    We are delighted to announce that - with the help of our sister company Creativity International Ltd - a selection of our most popular Strathmore products are now available to buy from selected Hobbycraft stores throughout the UK. Hobbycraft is the biggest arts and crafts retailer in the country so we truly believe that this partnership is a natural fit. The chosen products all come from the highly regarded 400 Series range and are made up from the following best sellers:

    • Toned Tan Sketch
    • Toned Grey Sketch
    • Watercolour
    • Marker
    • Coloured Pencil
    • Sketch
    • Drawing
    • Mixed Media
    • Coal Black Artagain

    At the moment these products are only available at the stores in Stockport, Bristol, Bournemouth, Southampton, Havant, Crawley, Croydon, Woking, Reading and Watford. However, we are hoping to roll them out to more stores in the near future. If you do manage to purchase any of these products in store then please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you! 

  • Interview with Phoebe Atkey

    Phoebe Atkey is a talented young artist who has amassed a very impressive following on social media and set up her own company all before the age of 20. She predominantly works with pen on Strathmore paper and we were blown away by the level of detail in every piece of her work, particularly the ones focusing on architecture and cityscapes. We took the opportunity to speak to Phoebe and find out more about her work, inspirations and goals for the future.  

    How did you first discover your passion for art?

    Like many children I always loved drawing from an early age, but it was only when I chose Art at GCSE that it became serious. I started sharing my art on Instagram at the age of 16. I received some really encouraging feedback and inspiration from other users, in particular from artists around the world. That is when I knew I wanted to pursue art as career.

    Pen and Ink Sketch by Phoebe AtkeyYou predominantly focus on sketches and drawings. Did you settle on this form of art straightaway, or did you experiment with a few different styles first?

    At school I had to experiment with different styles, tools and techniques. I really disliked paint as it is too messy and so I settled on pen and pencil

  • Mixed Media Artist wins SGFA Best in Show

    Sue Lewis-Blake won the Society of Graphic Fine Art ArtistPapers Strathmore Best in Show Bursary 2017. Her winning piece, “Before and After”, depicts a large log pile, drawn in coloured pencil, overlaid with painted and collaged tree forms. We speak to Sue to find out how she started her career as an artist and what she's working on now.


    peak torTell us something about yourself, Sue.

    Principally a landscape painter, I’m fortunate enough to live in a small Peak District Village with the most wonderful views. I moved to the area some three years ago from Warwickshire where I had taught art, product design and the history of art for many years. This “parallel” career was challenging at times – certainly in terms of time management – but I enjoyed the stimulation of being with my students and always saw the two aspects as mutually beneficial; new ideas emerged as I helped pupils to develop theirs. Teaching allowed me to engage with a vast range of materials and keep abreast of new developments -  although traditional drawing skills always underpinned every aspect of both my own and my pupils’ work.


  • SBA Award 2017

    Wonderful wonderful wonderful, and yes again wonderful. I was lucky to go along to the Society of Botanical Artists exhibition held in London at the Westminster Gallery in the shadow of the Houses of Parliament, to judge the ArtistPapers Strathmore Bursary for 2017.

    img 1039img 1049img 1049img 1039 










    I judged a couple of years ago and was totally blown away by the quality, range and

  • Strathmore Newsletter - Summer 2019

    strathmore artist newsletter summer 20191


    Drawing the Full Body Portrait

    By Justin MaasThe Summer Edition of our Artist Newsletter is here! Our featured artist Justin Maas is known for his stunning portraits. Justin uses grayscale on Toned paper to employ value, show form and make drawings with incredible depth.

    In this issue of the Artist Newsletter, Justin reveals his methods for creating full-body portraits. Using the power of body language, a full body portrait can infer more than just the face. Follow along as he demonstrates his step-by-step process.

    Download the Artist Newsletter HERE!

    NEW! Strathmore 400 Series Black Mixed Media Paper 
    You already know our white Mixed Media paper. Now we're excited to introduce a new Black Mixed Media paper that is perfectly suited for opaque media. Learn more in the Artist Newsletter.


  • Online Gouache Workshop

    strathmore online workshop 3 copy

    Next self-paced workshops now online. 


    Sign up free for:

    Intro to Painting with Gouache 

    Instructor: Myriam Tillson 

    Click here to sign up.

    This gouache workshop will be made up of 4 videos that will explore the use of gouache as a painting medium in its own right. Throughout the course, students will learn more about the particular properties of the medium, how it compares to other similar paints such as watercolour and acrylic, what materials work best with it, and how to use it to make

  • Strathmore Newsletter - Fall 2019

    Strathmore Artist Papers' Newsletter is now ready for download. 

    The Benefits of Leaving Your Comfort Zone
    By Myriam TillsonIn our Fall Newsletter, artist and Strathmore Online Workshop instructor Myriam Tillson discusses how pushing herself to work outside her comfort zone has helped her improved her skills in an efficient and consistent way. Find out how figure drawing and landscape painting to helped her improve her surreal style which focuses on mental health, psychology, the natural world, and the human condition. 

    Loads more tips and articles to read. CLICK HERE to Download the Artist Newsletter!

    Strathmore Artist Papers Fall Newsletter 2019.png

    Click here to read the newsletter: 


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