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What Strathmore® users say ...

Simon Taylor-Keilty
Artists become best friends with the media they use, I've just become best friends with Strathmore paper...I like it so much, I think i'll ask it out for a drink!

Simon Taylor-Keilty

Great British Card Company

I totally trust Artist Papers and have always and will continue to order from you. :)

Rebecca Rose Henry

Joanna Bromley
I love the papers they have in stock! Wonderful for mixed media illustrations.

Joanna Bromley

Karolina Obuchowska
I am very pleased with the service! Papers arrived in perfect condition. It took only 6 working days from placing an order to delivery to Poland. I ordered toned gray and toned tan Strathmore papers - they are a very good quality and the colors are just great! Thank you!

Karolina Obuchowska

I just want to tell you how much I LOVE your new toned mixed media paper. I have both the toned tan and gray pads. The heavy weight and texture are ideal. So far I like it very much for gouache painting. I have used many types of Strathmore papers but I never felt compelled to write to you about any of them until I've used these new toned mixed media papers. THANK YOU!!

Nancy Diehl

Tt's great I found your site as I like Strathmore papers and books. I needed a gray toned sketch book for one of my courses and I had to get it from America and it took a while obviously!! You doing a sample pack is brilliant as because I'm a student I do want to play about with paper I really like. Prices are decent and it's brilliant that it's free postage over £20. So.thats it, just a very satisfied customer. :-)

Christine Robinson

Just wanted to tell you that in the end I managed to succesfully order the Strathmore items I wanted to try. I was amazed to receive them so quickly today after only 5 business days. Beautifully packaged too. A resounding well done ! And Thank You for such excellent service.

Dr Christopher Frey

Landroska, Sweden

I have tried out both the Field Drawing pad and the Watercolour one. Both work really well the watercolour one has the advantage of a thin sheet in-between each wc sheet. This. Is a good idea. I will recommend to my students.

Maggy Roberts

Judith Crown
Great paper for coloured pencil. There is a good "tooth" to the surface.

Judith Crown

Judith Selcuk
Quite possibly the nicest range of papers I have ever come across! I especially love the vellum for coloured pencil.

Judith Selcuk

I have made many graphite pencil drawings and tried all sorts of surfaces. You may be interested to know that my 'Two of a Kind’ was done on Strathmore Bristol Board (plate) which I found an extremely pleasing surface to work on. Definitely the nicest for detailed pencil work.

Dr. Susan Poole

Today my order arrived and it was perfect! Beautiful drawing paper blocs (Strathmore Bristol) and a very quick delivery. Thank you so much!

Chris van Wijk-Strijthagen



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