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Strathmore 200 Series Watercolor

Weight: 90 lb. (22" x 30" x 500 sheets) 190 g/m2

Surface: Cold Press

Strathmore 200 Series Watercolour light weight, student grade watercolour paper has a cold press surface and is good for water-based media including watercolour, tempera, acrylic, gouache or poster paint.

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Strathmore 200 Series Watercolour paper pad
Image Product Code Unit Sheets Size Description Price
Strathmore 200 Series Watercolor S25-109 Pad 15 229x305mm (9"x12") Tape (9") £ 6.35 each
301 in stock
Strathmore 200 Series Watercolor S25-111 Pad 15 279x381mm (11"x15") Tape (11") £ 9.65 each
148 in stock
Strathmore 200 Series Watercolor S25-118 Pad 15 0x0mm (0"x0") Tape (18") £ 23.70 each
11 in stock

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